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Bunny and Chick Shelf Sitters

April 4th, 2014

These cute Bunny and Chick Shelf Sitters can be placed on a shelf, mantel, or windowsill to help you celebrate the Easter season. They are a great holiday craft to make because they can be stored throughout the year and used for Easters to come!

If you are feeling extra crafty, you can make other critters too, such as a duck, lamb, cat or dog! Another way to personalize this project is to make the bunnies in yellow or blue. To get started, gather your supplies.

Items Needed
• Straightened Paper Clip or Pin
• Ear Bulb Syringe
• 1 Dozen Eggs
• Dudley's Coloring Cups Kit – includes 5 coloring cups, 5 coloring tablets, 1 egg dipper, 1 crayon
• Scissors
• Ribbon – orange and pink
• Felt – orange, yellow, and pink
• Googly Eyes
• Feathers – yellow and white
• Craft Glue or Glue Gun
• Pom-poms – white and pink
• ½ Cup Measuring Cup
• Tablespoon Measuring Spoon
• Vinegar
• Paper Towels
• Freezer paper, Newspaper, or Waxed Paper

Once you have gathered the supplies you will need, you can follow the instructions below to create your shelf sitters.

1. Cover the work area with freezer paper, newspaper, or waxed paper to protect your surface.
2. Turn your eggs into Keepsake Eggs using the instructions found here.
3. Place the Dudley's color tablets in the coloring cups.
4. Add ½ cup of warm water to each coloring cup.
5. Add 3 tablespoons of vinegar to each coloring cup, excluding the cup containing the pink tablet. Vinegar should not be added to the pink coloring cup and tablet.
6. Stir the contents of each coloring cup until the coloring tablet has fully dissolved.
7. Dip the egg into the coloring cup and leave until the desired shade is obtained. Use the egg dipper to remove the colored egg, drain well, and set aside to dry.

8. Cut out felt pieces and ribbon pieces as shown in the photo. Note: The "O" shaped felt piece is important to cut out as it will serve as the base for the shelf sitter, enabling it to sit securely on your shelf, table, or mantle.

9. Glue ribbons for legs to the bottom the egg.
10. Glue the "O" shaped felt piece on top of the "leg" ribbon that you previously attached.

11. Glue on your remaining felt pieces, pom-poms and feathers. Allow the glue to dry.

Once the glue has dried you can place your Bunny and Chick Shelf Sitters wherever you choose! Let us know how yours turned out in a comment, or share pictures of your finished self sitters on our Dudley's Facebook page!

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