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Easter Bunny Garden Basket

April 16th, 2014

This Easter Bunny Garden Basket craft looks great placed on any table or shelf throughout your home, plus is easy and fun to make. The kids can help with dying the Easter eggs, allowing this craft to be a family activity!

Items Needed
1 Dozen Walmart Decorating Easter Eggs
Dudley's Spin an Egg Decorating Kit – includes 5 Dazzlin' color packets, an egg spinner and 3 colorful liners
Large Terra Cotta Pot and Saucer
Potting Soil
Moss, Wheat Grass or Grass Seed
Hole Punch
Craft Glue or Glue Gun
White Pom-pom
White Felt
Pink Felt
Black Paper, Foam or Felt
Dried Grape Vines
Small Wooden Sign (painted black)
Paper Towels
Freezer Paper, Newspaper or Waxed Paper

1. Color your Walmart Plastic Dying Eggs using Dudley's Spin an Egg Decorating Kit. Instructions and helpful hints can be found here. Leave one egg white to be used as your bunny.

2. While you wait for your eggs to dry, cut out bunny ears, arms, face and legs from the pink and white felt, as shown in the photo below.

3. Cut out eyes from your black paper, foam or felt.
4. Glue all pieces onto the egg.
5. Put potting soil into the large terra cotta pot.
6. Plant moss plants, wheat grass or grass seeds in the pot.

7. Cut the dried grapevines into sections and insert them into the pot to create a handle.
8. Wrap ribbon around the grapevine handle and tie a bow for the top.

9. Use the chalk to write an Easter message on the black sign and insert into pot.
10. Arrange the bunny and decorated eggs in to the pot.

Helpful Hints
1. You can also you dairy eggs for this craft; however, you will want to turn them into Keepsake eggs before you color them so they will not spoil. You can learn how to make Keepsake eggs here.
2. Eggs can be dyed using any method you prefer. See Dudley's full line of specialty dye kits here.
3. As space in your pot permits, use an egg dyed yellow and felt to create a chick to add to your garden.

Happy Crafting! And Happy Easter!

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