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Easter Egg Garland

April 15th, 2014

As you look around your house, do you feel like you need one more finishing touch to perfect your Easter decorations for this upcoming weekend? We've got another Easter décor idea for you! Decorate a mantle or shelf with this colorful, easy-to-make Easter Egg Garland.

Items Needed
1 Dozen Eggs
Straight Pin or Straightened Paper Clip
Dudley's Coloring Cups Kit – includes 5 coloring cups, 5 coloring tablets, 1 egg dipper, 1 crayon
"Easter" Word Printout
Hole Punch
Glue Gun
White Pom-poms
Pink Pom-poms
White Felt
Pink Felt
Black Felt or Black Foam
Extra Large Needle (such as an upholstery needle)
Push Pin (also known as a thumbtack)
½ Cup Measuring Cup
Paper Towels
Freezer Paper, Newspaper or Waxed Paper

1. Cover the work area with freezer paper, newspaper or waxed paper to protect the surface.
2. Turn your eggs into Keepsake eggs, using the instructions found here.
3. Place to white eggs aside, these will be used to create bunny eggs.
4. Prepare to color the remaining 10 eggs by placing the Dudley's Coloring Tablets in the Coloring Cups.
5. Add ½ cup warm water to each cup.
6. Add 3 tablespoons of vinegar to each color, excluding the cup with pink dye tablet. No vinegar should be combined with pink dye tablet.
7. Stir the colors until the tablet is dissolved.
8. Using this "Easter" word printout as a guide, draw the first letter on an egg with the wax crayon. On the extra eggs you can draw additional egg designs using the wax crayon, such stripes, flowers, polka dots, etc.

9. One by one, dip the egg into the coloring cup and leave until the desired shade is obtained.
10. Use the egg dipper to remove the colored eggs. Drain well. Set eggs aside to dry.

11. Take one of the white eggs and using the push pin (thumbtack), gently create holes at the top of the egg to string the ribbon through.

12. Repeat Step 11 for the second white egg.
13. Cut the felt out to create the bunny ears as shown in the photo, make two sets, one for each bunny egg.

14. Use glue gun to attach the ears to the eggs.
15. Use the hole punch to punch out eyes from the black felt or foam and attach to the eggs using the glue gun.
16. Glue the pom-poms onto the eggs to finish the faces.
17. Repeat Step 11 on the colored eggs.

18. Put the ribbon into the large upholstery needle and thread the eggs in order to make the garland.

19. Carefully hang it on a shelf or mantle.

If you have multiple mantles or shelves throughout your house, you could create additional strands of garland that feature other Easter themes. For example, they may feature the additional Easter designs mentioned above (stripes, flowers, and polka dots), or you might write additional Easter-themed phrases on the eggs, such as the word Bunny or Spring. Alternatively, if one mantle or shelf in your home is especially long you could use additional eggs to complete the phrase Happy Easter.

Have fun and be creative! As always, we encourage you to share your creations with us on the Dudley's Easter Facebook page.

Happy Easter!

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