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Potted Tulip Eggs

April 11th, 2014

These pretty blooming tulip eggs can be used as a centerpiece or decorative accent anywhere in your home. Depending on your color preferences, the tulips could be made to be pink, purple, green, blue or yellow.

Items Needed


1. Cover your work area with waxed paper, newspaper or freezer paper to protect the surface.

2. Paint the wooden dowels with the green paint and allow to dry.

3. Create hole in the bottom of the Plastic Decorating Egg by carefully heating the tip of an unfolded paper clip using a lit candle. Then, carefully insert the heated tip into the bottom of the egg. To make the hole slightly larger, insert the tip of a scissors into the hole and carefully twist.

4. Squeeze the contents of the Majestic Dye Packet into a plastic cup. Using a paint brush, paint just the bottom of the egg, around the hole, with the Majestic Dye.

5. Put the dry painted dowel into the bottom of the egg. Hold the dowel or stem and paint the rest of the egg. Try to paint the egg using a vertical up and down motion to mimic the look of petals on the egg.

6. Place eggs in cup or vase to dry.

7. Using the knife, cut the floral foam to fit inside terra cotta pot.

8. Place layer of green tinted Spanish moss over the floral foam.

9. Cut the green ribbon to make the leaves for the tulips. Cut the tops of the ribbon into an upside-down "V" shape to mimic the tips of tulip leaves.

10. Using glue gun, glue the bottom third of the leaves to the dowel rods, rolling them around the rods. Leave room at the bottom of the rods to be inserted into the floral foam.

11. Insert and arrange tulips into floral foam.

12. Using the pink ribbon, tie a bow around the top edge of the pot.

Enjoy your Tulip Eggs Decoration!

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