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Ready, Set, Roll

April 10th, 2014

The artists in your house will love painting their Easter eggs with Dudley's Roll It Egg Decorating Kit. This dye kit offers sponge rollers that allow you to paint on a rainbow of color in a unique and fun way. Create any number of designs with five colors to choose from

1. Gather cool, hard-boiled eggs.
2. Cover your work area with waxed paper or newspaper to protect the surface.

Egg Dying
1. Knead each packet of dye thoroughly.
2. Cut off the corner of each packet to create an easy pour spout.
3. Pour each color into the corresponding section of the dye tray.

4. Hold an egg in one hand or place it on a plastic egg ring.
5. Use one sponge for each color. Dip and roll the sponge in your selected color.
6. Apply the dye on the egg by moving the roller back and forth. You can also create a sponge paint effect by dabbing the rolling sponge on the egg.

7. Place completed eggs on a drying rack and allow to dry completely.

Helpful Hints
• A little bit of color goes a long way. Start with a small about and apply more to the roller as needed.
• Rollers can be rinsed and re-used. Squeeze out excess water before applying color again.
• Try mixing primary colors, but do not mix too many colors unless you want brown eggs!
• Want to dye eggs you can keep for decorations next Easter? Try using Dudley's Roll It Egg Decorating Kit with Walmart's Plastic Decorating Eggs! Learn more here.

Which will you try first: rolling on the color or dabbing on the color to create a sponge paint effect?

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