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Burlap Bunny Centerpiece with 24 Carrot Eggs

This festive decoration makes the perfect Easter centerpiece.

Gather the following supplies:
1-2 Dozen Eggs – You can just use 1 dozen eggs, but it's always nice to have some extra eggs to really decorate the centerpiece and tabletop.
Dudley's 24 Carrot Egg Decorating Kit
Wooden dowel – size 5/8"diameter and 12" long
Wooden base – could be a scrap piece of wood
Wooden clothes pin stand
Hot glue gun
Easter grass or natural raffia
Natural burlap – 1/3 of a yard
Used plastic grocery bags
Paint – could be gold or another color
Paint Brush
Straight pins
Button for bunny eye
Basket base
Freezer Paper

Directions for Coloring Eggs using Dudley's 24 Carrot Kit:
PREPARATION: Protect the surface of the work area with freezer paper, waxed paper, newspaper or a plastic tablecloth. Set out the contents from the kit onto your work area. You may also want to have a drying tray and some paper towels handy. NOTE: You can use the back of the box, or a muffin tin or an egg carton, as a drying tray.

Step #2:
Place the Dudley's Coloring Tablets into Dudley's Coloring Cups or bowls or glasses.
Add ½ cup warm water to each cup. Stir the colors until the tablet is dissolved.
Once the tablets dissolve and you see which cup has the pink dye, place that cup aside because you DO NOT PUT VINEGAR IN THE CUP WITH THE PINK COLORING TABLET.

Add 3 Tablespoons of vinegar to the other colors – again, DO NOT PUT VINEGAR IN THE CUP WITH THE PINK COLORING TABLET.

Step #3:
Using a spoon or egg dipper, put the eggs into the dye colors. Roll the eggs around carefully, so the dye is even. For brighter color, leave the egg in the container longer. Use spoon or egg dipper to remove the colored egg. Drain well and set aside to dry.

Step #4:
Apply 24 Carrot gold glaze to eggs:
Knead the packet of gold glaze thoroughly.
Cut the packet along the dotted line to form the easy-pour spout.
Use the paintbrush to glaze over dry colored eggs.
Another way of applying the gold glaze is to pour the glaze into a sandwich size plastic bag and placing an egg in the bag and rub the egg through the bag to apply the glaze.
Place eggs on drying tray and allow eggs to dry before handling.

Burlap Bunny Centerpiece Assembly Instructions:
Using the bunny silhouette image reference with dimensions indicated, sketch a pattern on the freezer paper and cut it out. Pin the pattern to the burlap and cut the bunny shape out of the fabric.

Using a hot glue gun, start at the back leg of the bunny and put about a 4"-6" line of glue about ¼" from the edge and then stick the two pieces of burlap together. Continue to put another 4"-6" line of glue, following the curves of the edges of the bunny all the way around the bunny, making sure the burlap is not getting glued to the paper on your work surface. Before you get to the last 6" edge of the bunny, leave that open so you can stuff the bunny. Be sure the glue has cooled before you start stuffing the bunny with the used plastic grocery bags. Start stuffing the legs and the ear first. Use the pencil to push the plastic bags to the tips of the legs and the ear. Once you are done stuffing the bunny, insert the wooden dowel into the center of the bunny's tummy and then hot glue the opening shut. It might be helpful to use a pair of pliers or a clothespin to pinch the opening closed while gluing that part.
Use scissors to trim any frayed areas of the edge of the bunny.

Glue the eye on the bunny.

You can paint the wooden dowel rod if you want to – I painted mine with gold paint.

Hot glue the clothes pin stand to your wooden base and put the dowel into the clothespin stand and place that inside your basket.

Place raffia inside basket.

Place eggs on raffia. You may want to trim the stray raffia pieces.

Tie a ribbon around the neck of the rabbit.

You are now ready to enjoy your wonderful new leaping bunny centerpiece!

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