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Dudley's Milk Jug Basket

This great basket can be used as an Easter Egg hunt basket, a centerpiece, or on a table or shelf.

Items Needed

Dudley's Glitter Tie Dye Easter Egg Decorating Kit
Empty Plastic White Gallon Milk Jug
White Medium Rickrack
Black Felt or Craft Foam
Pink Craft Foam
White Craft Foam
Large Googly Eyes
Pink Pom-Pom
Three Large White Pom-Poms
Chenille Sticks
Glue Gun and Glue
Offray Ribbon
White Acrylic Paint
Iridescent glitter
Freezer Paper, Newspaper or Waxed Paper


1. Protect your work surface by laying down freezer paper, waxed paper or newspaper.
2. Turn your eggs into keepsake eggs by removing the yolk. This can be done following the process outlined here.


1. Place an egg inside one of the plastic coloring pouches.
2. Knead the Dazzlin' Color packets thoroughly. Cut off the corner of the Dazzlin' Color packets and carefully pour just a few drops of one of the Dazzlin' Colors into the coloring pouch. Then choose a second color and carefully pour just a few drops of the second Dazzlin' Colors into the coloring pouch.
3. Gently rub the outside of the coloring pouch until the egg is completely colored.

4. Slide the egg out of the pouch and place onto the drying tray. Sprinkle the glitter onto the egg while it is still wet. Now you have created a beautiful Easter Egg!

5. Keep repeating this process, using up the dye and adding more dye as needed – or start a new bag with a different color combination.
6. Clean and dry an empty plastic gallon milk jug, removing any labels.
7. Cut a circle out of the front of the jug using scissors as shown in the image.

8. Paint the outside of the jug with the paint. Do not paint the handle in order to keep the glitter off of the handle.
9. While the paint is still wet, shake the glitter onto the painted areas. Let it dry.
10. Cut out the white parts of the ears and the pink parts of the ears using the craft foam and scissors.

11. When gluing these parts of the ears together, put a piece of chenille between the pink part of the ear and the white part of the ear so that you can bend the ears and have them flop down. Use a hot glue gun and put the glue on the pink part of the ear in a zigzag pattern and quickly put the chenille on the glue and then put the pink ear on the white ear. Let the glue of the ears cool down.
12. Glue the bottom of the ears to the top of the milk jug.
13. Glue white rickrack around the outside of the top of the jug, where the lid normally goes, to cover up the area where the ears are attached.
14. Cut the teeth out of the white foam.
15. Glue the two large white pom-poms together.
16. Glue the nose onto the top of the two pom poms.
17. Glue the teeth to the back of the white pom-poms.
18. Glue the chenille whiskers to the back of the pom-poms and then glue the completed piece to the front of the jug at the top of the opening.
19. Glue the eyes onto the milk jug.
20. Cut the feet out of the white foam. Glue the feet to the bottom of the milk jug.
21. Glue the tail on the back of the milk jug. Tie a ribbon around the base of the handle.

Dudley's Helpful Hints

• Try using Walmart's Decorating Easter Eggs!
• A little bit of color goes a long way. It's better to use a small amount at first and add more later if needed.
• Try using two of the primary colors on the eggs in different combinations.
• Try to put pour the dye drops into separate parts of the bag so you get both colors onto the egg.
• Avoid mixing all of the dyes together, unless you want very brown eggs.
• You can also just use one color and leave some white area.

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