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Easter Egg Candle Decoration

This fun and easy-to-create Easter decoration can be placed on tables, mantles and countertops throughout your house for a festive holiday look.

Items Needed

Dudley's Spraytastic Egg Decorating Kit, available exclusively at Walmart
• Eggs
• Glass Cylinder
• Pillar Candle
• Scissors
• Offray Ribbon
• Freezer Paper, Waxed Paper or Newspaper
• Ear Bulb Syringe
• Straightened Paper Clip or Pin
• Soap
• Microwave Safe Plate
• Drying Tray
• Paper Towels


1. Protect your work surface by laying down freezer paper, waxed paper or newspaper.
2. Turn your eggs into keepsake eggs by removing the yolk. This can be done following the process outlined here.


1. Knead the Spraytastic packet thoroughly. Cut of the corner of the Spraytastic Color packet and carefully pour the color into the Spraytastic Dye Cup.
2. Unscrew the top of the Spraytastic Applicator and pour one color of dye into the base. Screw the lid back on firmly.
3. Optional: If desired, place a reusable egg stencil on the egg.
4. Place the egg on an egg stand.
5. Pump the Spraytastic Applicator 10-12 times.
6. Hold the Spraytastic Applicator 6-8 inches from the egg and hold down the trigger.
7. Once fully colored, place the egg on the drying tray.
8. Repeat steps 3-7 until all eggs are colored. Refill the Spraytastic Applicator with various color of dye as needed.
9. Once the eggs have dried, place the pillar candle in the center of your glass cylinder.

10. Place the eggs carefully in the cylinder, arranging them around the pillar candle.
11. Using the Offray ribbon, wrap it around the top of the jar and tie a bow.

Dudley's Helpful Hints
• No time to boil eggs? Try using Walmart's Decorating Easter Eggs with Dudley's Spraytastic Egg Decorating Kit.
• A little bit of color goes a long way!
• The eggs will look more interesting if you layer different colors, so leave some white space on the egg and apply a second and third color.
• Avoid mixing too many colors so your eggs do not turn brown.
• If you clean your Spraytastic Applicator between colors, be sure to spray out the water before adding your next color. Also be sure to rinse out the nozzle area. Opting not to clean the applicator between colors will allow you to create new colors, but do not mix too many colors or the color will become muddy.
• If you are using egg stencils, make sure your eggs are thoroughly dry. Place the stencil on and rub the edge to ensure a good seal. Wait for the dye to dry before removing the stencil.
• Pat the egg with a paper towel if the spray is too heavy.
• Test your eggs and candle inside your glass cylinder to ensure you color the appropriate number of eggs.
• An egg carton or muffin tin can be used as a drying tray.
• Having multiple Spraystastic Applicators will allow you to switch easily between colors, plus it allows helpers to color eggs simultaneously!

Enjoy your Easter Candle Decoration!

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