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Easter Egg Candles

This decoration can be used on a table or on a mantle.

Gather the following supplies:
1 Dozen Eggs and Carton – Large or Extra Large eggs work best for this project. I chose eggs that came in a cardboard carton.
You can also use natural brown eggs for this project if you want your eggs to have a more subtle, darker and natural look. I used the natural brown eggs for this project.

Dudley's Egg Decorating Kit
Ribbon – I used multi-colored Raffia
Large Paper Clip
12 tea light candles – could be regular or battery operated candles
Easter Grass – I used a green paper grass
Measuring cup – ½ cup
Platter or plate to use as base
Freezer Paper, newspaper or waxed paper – to protect your work surface
You may also want to have a drying tray and some paper towels handy. NOTE: You can use the back of the box, or a muffin tin or an egg carton, or cooling rack as a drying tray.

Directions for Emptying Eggs:
Empty the contents of the raw egg by putting hole in the top of the egg using the end of a large paper clip for the initial hole. Carefully open up the size of the hole using the paperclip edge and then you can carefully break off pieces with your fingers until you have about a half of the egg shell left. Dump out the contents of the egg, and wash the egg thoroughly with soap and water. To hasten the drying process of eggs after they have been emptied and cleaned, they can be placed in the microwave for about a minute or a regular oven at 200 degrees for about 10 minutes. Make sure the opening of the egg is large enough for the candle by using one of the candles to test the opening size.

Directions for Coloring Eggs using Dudley's Egg Decorating Kit:
Step #1:
Cover the work area with paper.

Step #2:
Place the Dudley's Coloring Tablets into Dudley's Coloring Cups or bowls or glasses.
Add ½ cup warm water to each cup.
Add 3 Tablespoons of vinegar to each color – BUT DO NOT PUT VINEGAR IN THE CUP WITH THE PINK COLORING TABLET.
Stir the colors until the tablet is dissolved.

Step #3:
Using a spoon, put the eggs into the dye. Roll them around carefully using the spoon, so the dye is even. Let the eggs dry.

Easter Egg Candles Assembly Instructions:
Cut the lid off of the egg carton. I also cut down the "dividers" that were in the middle of my egg carton so they weren't higher than the eggs.
Place eggs in the carton.

Place candles inside the eggs.

Wrap the ribbon around the middle of the egg carton and tie it into a bow in the front. Make sure that there aren't any parts of the ribbon hanging over the inside of any of the eggs.

Place Easter grass on platter or plate that you are using as your base, leaving an open area in the middle for the egg carton.

Place the egg carton on the grass. Trim pieces of grass that are hanging off of the edge of the base and make sure none of the grass is hanging over into the eggs.

Light your candles and enjoy your festive new Easter decoration!*

*Do not leave burning candles unattended.

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