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Easter Egg Characters

This decoration can be used on a table, windowsill, or mantle.

Gather the following supplies:
1 or ½ Dozen Eggs – Larger eggs work better for this project. I only used 3 eggs for the final display, but I like to color a few extras just in case any break and so I can pick my favorite ones.


Dudley's Egg Decorating Kit
Old serrated knife
Large Paper Clip
Felt squares: Orange, yellow, and white, could use pink felt too.
Small white pompoms for bunny cheeks - 4 pieces - size is .39" or 10mm
Small white pompoms for tails – 2 pieces - size is ½" or 1.27cm
Mini pink pompoms for bunny noses – 2 pieces - size is .20" or 5mm
Yellow feather – can be a very small feather
Googly eyes – size is ¼" diameter
Green acrylic craft paint
Floral foam
Three wooden sticks – 5mm or .20" in diameter
Three mini flower pots 2-¼"h x 2 ¾" diameter
Green Easter grass
Tacky Craft glue or glue gun
Egg blower or ear bulb syringe
Freezer Paper, newspaper or waxed paper – to protect your work surface

Directions for Emptying Eggs:


Empty the contents of the raw egg using the end of a large paper clip bent open, to put a small hole in both ends of the egg. The size of the hole at the bottom should about 1/4", the hole at the top can be very small – 1/16". Use an egg blower or ear bulb syringe to remove the contents of the egg, washing it thoroughly with soap and water. To hasten the drying process of eggs after they have been emptied and cleaned, they can be placed in the microwave for about a minute or a regular oven at 200 degrees for about 10 minutes.

Directions for Coloring Eggs using Dudley's Egg Decorating Kit:
Step #1:
Cover the work area with paper.

Step #2:
Place the Dudley's Coloring Tablets into Dudley's Coloring Cups or bowls or glasses.
Add ½ cup warm water to each cup.
Add 3 Tablespoons of vinegar to each color – BUT DO NOT PUT VINEGAR IN THE CUP WITH THE PINK COLORING TABLET.
Stir the colors until the tablet is dissolved.

Step #3:
Using a spoon or egg dipper, put an egg into the dye. Roll it around carefully, so the dye is even. You will probably need to use a spoon or the egg dipper to submerge the egg, since it is empty, it will want to float. You will probably get some dye inside the egg. When you remove the egg from the dye, let the dye drain out of the egg. As the egg is drying, check to see if dye on the inside is still draining, if it is, you will need to move the egg to another drying spot. Let the egg dry thoroughly.

I used the yellow dye for the chick character. For the bunny characters, I dipped the egg halfway into the dye so that only the bottom half of the egg had the dye on it.

Dudley's Easter Egg Characters Assembly instructions:
Measure 7 ½" on two of the wooden dowels and mark with a pencil. Using an old serrated knife, carefully "saw" and "score" all around the diameter of the two wooden dowels. After "scoring" it, snap it and break it. Measure 6 ½" for the third dowel and repeat the steps above.

Paint the three dowels with the green paint. Allow them to dry.

Cut 4 ovals for the bunny ears about 2" long and ¾" wide at the widest part.

Cut two beaks about 5/8" wide and ½" long.

Cut two wings about 1 ½"wide x 1 ¼"high.

Cut your ribbon so that it fits the circumference of the middle of your egg, overlapping a little bit.

Cut or pull a small tuft of feathers from your feather.


Attach all of the features to the eggs as shown in the images using either tacky craft glue or a glue gun. Allow to dry.


Cut floral foam as shown and place inside the flowerpots. Leave a little room on top of the foam for the Easter grass.

Place Easter grass inside the flowerpots.

Gently put the painted green sticks inside the egg. If the stick is not fitting, use the paper clip to carefully enlarge the hole until the stick fits inside. Place the stick in the middle of the flowerpot. Repeat for all of the egg characters.

Display your characters individually or together on a table, shelf or mantle and enjoy!

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