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Easter Egg Garland

This decoration can be used on a wall, across the top of a mirror, over a doorframe, along a shelf, or across a mantle.

Items Needed

Dudley's Majestic Egg Coloring Kit
Offray Tulle
Offray Ribbon – variety of colors, patterns and widths
Freezer Paper, Newspaper or Waxed Paper


1. Protect your work surface by laying down freezer paper, waxed paper or newspaper.
2. Turn your eggs into keepsake eggs by removing the yolk. This can be done following the process outlined here.


1. Place an egg inside one of the plastic coloring pouches.
2. Knead the Majestic Dye packets thoroughly. Cut off the corner of one of the Majestic Dye packet and carefully pour the contents into the coloring pouch.

3. Gently rub the outside of the coloring pouch until the egg is completely colored.
4. Slide the egg out of the pouch and now you have created a beautiful Easter egg! Place onto the drying tray and to dry.
5. Repeat process until all of your eggs have been colored.
6. Allow eggs to dry.
7. Use a 6' long piece of tulle as the base for the garland.
8. Use 11"-16" pieces of tulle or ribbon to tie onto the base with a basic single knot. Start with a piece of tulle and then put a piece of ribbon and then another piece of tulle and then tied an egg onto the tulle base using a 16" piece of ribbon that is tied into a bow.

9. Keep repeating this pattern until you have about 10-12 eggs on your garland or until you have reached the length you would like your garland to be.

Dudley's Helpful Hints

• Consider using Walmart Decorating Easter Eggs in place of dairy eggs to save time and create garland that can be used year after year.
• The Majestic Dyes go a long way – you can color many eggs with just one Majestic Dye packet!
• It is recommended to just use one color in each pouch.
• Once you open up one Majestic Dye color, you should keep using that same color until it is gone, the Majestic Dye's are specially designed to dry quickly, so you want to use the dye before it starts to dry.
• You can also used a 1" wide craft paint brush to apply the Majestic dye if you wanted to have a smoother and even finish to the egg.
• You could also use a sponge to apply the Majestic dye if you wanted to have a speckled finish on the egg.

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