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How to Make Easter Egg Friends

Create Easter Egg Friends to decorate your home, office, or favorite space for Easter! These cute egg creations are simple to make and are sure to have others asking how they can make their own.

Items Needed:
- Eggs
- Straightened Paper Clip or Pin
- Ear Bulb Syringe
- Felt (Black, White, Pink, and Orange)
- Yellow Feathers
- Small Cotton Balls

Prep Work

  1. Gather enough eggs for the number of Easter Egg Friends you would like to make.

  2. Turn your eggs into Keepsake Eggs so you can keep these decorations for years to come! Learn how to make Keepsake Eggs here.

  3. Use a Dudley's Easter Egg Coloring Tablets to dye your "Chick" eggs yellow.

  4. Allow your dyed eggs to dry.


  1. Draw eyes, ears, noses, and feet onto the appropriate color of felt. You'll need to trace enough of each to create the number of bunnies and chicks you have planned.

  2. Cut out your felt eyes, ears, noses, and feet.

  3. Glue on your felt eyes, ears, noses, and feet.

  4. Glue a small cotton ball onto the back of each bunny for a cottontail.

  5. Glue yellow feathers onto your chicks for wings and hair.

  6. Display your new Easter Egg Friends for all too see!

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