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How to Make Keepsake Eggs

Coloring Easter eggs is a favorite pastime for many families.  Each year parents, grandparents, children, aunts, uncles, and cousins crowd around tables to turn their hardboiled eggs from pure white to bright and colorful.

This year, turn your Easter eggs into mementos that will last for years by making Keepsake Eggs.  Follow these easy steps for Easter eggs that can be kept and used as decorations.

Items Needed
•    Ear Bulb Syringe
•    Straightened Paper Clip or Pin
•    Soap
•    Running Water
•    Microwave Safe Plate

1.     Use the straightened paper clip or pin to pierce both ends of the egg.

2.    Use the straightened paper clip or pin to break the yolk on the inside of the egg.

3.    Use the ear bulb syringe to blow out the contents of the egg.

4.    Use soap & running water to rinse the outside and inside of the egg.

5.    Set it on a microwave safe plate.

6.    Once you have a few eggs, microwave them for 30-60 seconds (depending on your microwave) to dry them out.

7.    When they are completely dry, you can decorate them any way you would like to. These keepsake eggs can be saved for many Easters to come!

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