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How to Make an Easter Egg Tree

How to Make an Easter Egg Tree

Are you looking for an eggstra special centerpiece for you dining room table on Easter? Create an easy-to-make, colorful Easter Egg Tree that your guests will love!  Stored carefully after your holiday weekend, this is a craft you'll be able to reuse for years to come.

Here is how you can make an Easter Egg Tree!

Items Needed:
•    Dudley's Majestic Eggs Decorating Kit
•    1-2 Dozen Keepsake Eggs
•    Paper Clip or Pin
•    Ear Bulb Syringe
•    Ribbon
•    Floral Wire

Prep Work:
1.    Create 1-2 dozen Keepsake Eggs to decorate your Easter Egg Tree. You can find full instructions to make Keepsake Eggs here.

2.    Use Dudley's Majestic Decorating Kit to color your Keepsake Eggs. This egg decorating kit is easy to use and there is no mess!

•    First, put the special egg coloring in one of the plastic bags that comes in the kit.
•    Second, squeeze the egg around in the bag to color it.

The result is a beautiful pearlescent pastel egg!

3.    Allow your Keepsake Eggs to dry.

1.    To thread your ribbon through the egg, put the ribbon through a bent piece of floral wire.

2.    Push the wire through the egg.

3.    Pull the wire through the top of the egg.

4.    Pull the ribbon through the egg. Stop when the loop on top of the egg is your desired length for hanging on your tree.

5.    Tie the ribbon on the bottom of the egg into a bow.

6.    Hang the finished eggs on your tree.

7.     Enjoy your eggstra special Easter Egg Tree with your family and friends while decorating more eggs, hunting for Easter eggs and baskets, and sitting down to share a meal!

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