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How to Make an Easter Egg Word Decoration

This versatile decoration can be used as a centerpiece, on a mantel, or shelf or on an accent table.

Items Needed

• Straightened Paper Clip or Pin
• Ear Bulb Syringe
• 1 Dozen Eggs
• Dudley's Coloring Cups Kit - Includes 5 coloring cups, 5 coloring tablets, 1 egg dipper, 1 crayon
• 6 Candlestick holders
• "Easter" Word Printout
• Scissors
• Ribbon
• ½ cup measuring cup
• Tablespoon
• Vinegar
• Paper Towels
• Freezer Paper, Newspaper or Waxed Paper

1. Turn your eggs into keepsake eggs by following the instructions here.
2. Cover your work are with either freezer paper, newspaper, or waxed paper.
3. Place the Dudley's coloring tablets into the coloring cups.
4. Add ½ cup warm water to each cup.
5. Add 3 Tablespoons of vinegar to each color, excluding the pink cup. Vinegar should not be added to the pink coloring cup and tablet.
6. Stir the colors until the tablet is dissolved.
7. Using this Easter word printout as a guide, use the crayon included in Dudley's Coloring Cups to draw each letter on one egg.
8. Optional: If you plan to you this project as a centerpiece, you may want to also put the letters on the backs of the eggs. You will need to do this in the reverse order so the word Easter will read correctly from both sides. For example, on the back of the letter "E" put an "R", on the back of the letter "A" put an "E", etc.

9. Once you have added all of your letters, dip the eggs into the egg cup colors of your choices, one egg at a time. Leave each egg in its cup until the desired shade is obtained.
10. Use the egg dipper to remove the colored egg, drain well, and set aside to drive.

11. Tie ribbons onto each candlestick holder.

12. Place candlestick holders where you would like to display your Easter Egg word decoration and add the eggs to the top of each candlestick.
13. Optional: Add Easter decorations on the sides of your display to complete the look!

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