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Dudley's Bunny Easter Egg Meal

This is Dudley's favorite Easter Treat!

Gather the following supplies:


Slice egg in slicer.


Use bottom 4-5 slices for the bunny's belly. Use the top 3-4 slices for the head. You should have two middle slices left.
Place slices for bunny's head and belly on plate.

Remove yolk from two middle slices and rinse any remaining yolk off of those slices.

Place the two slices on a cutting board and cut the slice with the thicker white part in half with a knife as shown for the ears. Trim the ends of the "ears" to make them rounder. Trim the other slice to make "arms" as shown. Trimming the ends of the "arms" to make them rounder. Place ears and arms on bunny head and body, trimming as needed to make them fit and "attach" well to the bunny.

Carefully take apart the blackberry, removing the little blackberry segments without crushing or breaking them.

Carve out a small round area, like a socket, on the head to hold the little blackberry segment eye. Repeat for the second eye.

Add a nose to the top; I picked a lighter blackberry piece for that.

Use cookie cutter to cut shape out of toast.

I also used another doughnut type cookie cutter to cut a round pat of butter to put in the center of the flower toast.


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